How To Practice Gratitude Daily

Every other new age spirituality influencer will tell you to be grateful, to count your blessings, and to thank the universe for all the beautiful things you have in your life.

And I’m no different.

Even though I’m not sure I would consider myself a new-age spirituality influencer.

Gratitude is indeed the most magical practice you can have.

If you take away anything from all the law of attraction tips, new age rituals, and manifestation methods, let it be gratitude.

Let me explain to you why gratitude is the one single practice that you can do every day to completely transform your life.

But first, let me tell you about how my life was before discovering gratitude:

I was a very plain teenager with undiagnosed depression and unshakable hopelessness.

My life situation wasn’t the easiest and the worst part is I had no control over it. I couldn’t do anything to change the reality I was living and I considered that to be the root of all my miseries.

So, I would always say to myself: “when this is fixed, I’ll be fine.” “when this changes, I’ll finally be happy.”

But then somehow, I discovered gratitude.

And I’m still in awe of how my mental health totally flipped with the help of gratitude.

I started being grateful for the little things in my life, like:

Having a roof over my head

Having food to nourish my body

Being healthy and strong

Being smart (I was one of the smart kids at school)

Having access to education

These were all basic things but I started imagining how I would feel if I didn’t have them.

I started thinking about how there are other people that dream of having the things I have. And I realized that I was living a way better life than I thought I was.

That’s how my view shifted and I started loving my life and enjoying it every day while working to create a better living situation for myself.

Now that is a very short story of how gratitude helped me see the end of the tunnel. But I assure you that I did get lost in that tunnel again.

Even after getting a job and being paid enough to improve my life situation, my life didn’t magically transform like I thought it would.

People get a little high from getting the things they want (a better job, the car of their dreams…) but they soon settle to their default level of contentment.

The same happened to me.

I was living in a better home and eating better food. I could afford to travel and buy the clothes that I wanted. I had many things that my younger self would dream about. But I did sink into depression and hopelessness again.

And I did see the end of it thanks to gratitude.

Gratitude is a universal thing. When I first discovered it, I realized it was part of my religion to thank God and be grateful for what He blesses me with.

Then I did some research and realized it was part of many religions.

People from a very long time ago knew about the power of gratitude and practiced it.

But don’t worry if you’re not religious or don’t believe in any deity at all. Gratitude is an emotion. And it’s enough to feel the emotion of gratitude for it to begin to transform your life.

When you make a habit out of gratitude, you start noticing the good things in your life more and more, and that leads to attracting more good things to you.

Gratitude helps us focus on abundance instead of scarcity, and that is the one mindset shift everyone needs to make before they can start living their best life.

Here are some ways in which you can practice gratitude:

Before you start your day, think of three things that you are grateful for

It could be the fact that you had a good night’s sleep. Or maybe you are grateful for the birds chirping outside your window.

How about the fact that you have a blanket to keep you warm and a home to keep you safe?

Maybe it is the fact that you woke up next to your loved one that makes you feel the most grateful.

Whatever it is, find three things that you are grateful for and make sure to say them out loud. Or you can say them in your mind. What matters is the feeling that comes with it.

It should be something like:

“Thank you for […]” or “I am grateful for […]”.

Saying the things that you are grateful for at the beginning of your day will wire you to feel good first thing in the morning. And that will put you in the right frequency so that you can keep attracting good things throughout the day.

Remember, the more you are grateful, the more the Universe sends you things to be grateful for.

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At the end of the day, say three good things that happened that day

Whether you think you had a good day or a bad day, there are always things to be grateful for throughout the day.

It is particularly important to do a gratitude check at the end of a bad day because it helps you focus on the good things that happened and realize that it wasn’t really a bad day after all.

Again, the key is to focus on the small things that we don’t usually notice: A smile from a stranger, a big tip at work, a delicious meal, or a beautiful conversation are all things to be grateful for.

You can even make evening gratitude a family ritual.

Gather in the living room and have a chat about the good things that happened in everyone’s day.

Good things are even better when shared. And if you have children this will help them make gratitude part of their lives early on.

Set a timer, and state everything you are grateful for

Whether it’s 5 minutes or 20 minutes, set a timer and count your blessings, literally.

I like to write down the things I’m grateful for and then read them when I finish. But you can say them out loud if you don’t feel like writing.

Again, the important thing here is to focus on the feeling of gratitude.

I like this exercise because it makes me come up with the maximum of things to be grateful for.

When I think I’m done and look at the timer to see there is still time, I understand I need to think of more things I am grateful for, and there is always more.

You can do this exercise when you’re feeling down or when you’re in a difficult situation.

When we’re going through a rough time, we tend to only see the negative side of things and we forget about all our blessings.

So doing this gratitude exercise will get you out of that “everything sucks” state of mind and help you focus on the things that don’t suck.

Now you know what to do. First, make gratitude a habit, then it will become your lifestyle.

It’s time to let the magical power of gratitude completely transform your life.

Can you think of three things you are grateful for right now? I’d be glad to know what they are! Shoot me a DM on Instagram and let’s talk about it.

Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash.


3 thoughts on “How To Practice Gratitude Daily

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience of being grateful. Enjoyed reading this post, made me feel so blessed and grateful smiling from ear to ear for all my blessings…..thank for the reminder of the little things we often focus bigger this we forget the little things like food to eat, a warm bed, surrounded by the love of family, our health. Thank you for the reminded. Sending love and light…🙏🏾🙏🏾💕

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