I quit my job with no savings and no plan, here’s why

Photo by Andrew Neel via Unsplash Every success story out there starts with something like “I quit my job”. And I used to listen to those stories and wish I could do the same. Quitting my job and going on an adventure always sounded like the best thing to me. I would spend hours fantasizingContinue reading “I quit my job with no savings and no plan, here’s why”

9 things you can do to start transforming your life

Photo by Aditya Saxena via Unsplash Starting a life makeover can be overwhelming. In movies, it’s often portrayed as this big sudden change. But in reality, transforming your life happens through small changes and routines. That’s why I decided to gather 9 things that you can start doing now to begin changing your life. 1-HaveContinue reading “9 things you can do to start transforming your life”

How to become confident: 4 tips that actually work

Photo by Guillaume de Germain via Unsplash When I was younger, and as far as I can go back with my memory, everyone called me shy. And I considered myself a shy person for the longest time too. I used to be the kind of person that wouldn’t speak unless I was directly spoken to.Continue reading “How to become confident: 4 tips that actually work”

How to practice gratitude daily

Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash Every other new age spirituality influencer will tell you to be grateful, to count your blessings, and to thank the universe for all the beautiful thing you have in your life. And I’m no different. Even though I’m not sure I would consider myself a new age spirituality influencer.Continue reading “How to practice gratitude daily”

How to find your purpose: a practical guide

I have to admit the search for purpose tormented me at some point.  I had my fair share of “why am I here?” and “what is the meaning of it all?” kind of questions.  The problem is we think we’re supposed to figure out NOW who we are, what is our ultimate purpose, and whatContinue reading “How to find your purpose: a practical guide”

I deleted social media for 30 days, here is how it went

Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash Just like almost anyone out there, I’m on social media. And I spend way too much time on it. I used to be so addicted to social media that I would spend all my free time watching what people posting, getting so sucked up in the virtual world thatContinue reading “I deleted social media for 30 days, here is how it went”